Sia’s new movie “Music” has just joined the long list of films that embarrassingly contribute to the under representation of actually autistic people in media. On November 19th, Sia released the trailer for her film, “Music” depicting the neurotypical, able bodied actress Maddie Ziegler playing the role of Music, a non speaking autistic girl. Autism and disability is heavily under represented in media, with GLAAD’s “Where We Are On TV” report in 2019 stating that the number of characters with a disability on TV was 3.1%. Additionally, in 2016, a study was released, by Ruderman White Paper, that stated 95% of characters with disabilities are played by able bodied actors. Therefore, as a young autistic person myself, it is clear to me that when telling stories about autistic people, it is essential to approach them correctly and with sensitivity, by including and casting autistic people. …


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